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Another Success Story

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The Childlanka annual Christmas raffle was a great success! The raffle draw took place this year at the Rising Sun restaurant Northolt on Sunday 7th December. A traditional Sri-Lankan  buffet was also enjoyed by well wishes. We had a good turn out for the draw with a couple of new faces who we welcome kindly. Thank you all who attended and your support is much appreciated. The draw took place on the main stage in front of all viewers. The President and Secretary called various participants to draw from the raffle.
A very special thank to all media & Rising Sun providing venue for the draw..  
The following tickets were randomly selected from the raffle.
10th prize – 0692
9th prize – 0731
8th prize -0236
7th prize – 0693
6th prize – 0917
5th prize – 0764
4th prize – 0095
3rd prize – 0871
2nd prize – 0306
1st prize – 0360.
Runners up 0928 , 0323.
The Childlanka organisation would again like to say a heartfelt thank you to all members and well wishers that bought tickets . The money raised will truly make a difference thanks to your kind generosity.
We would like to wish all a Very Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Prosperous New Year 2015. And look forward to seeing you at our A.G.M & future Childlanka events.
Child Lanka committee 
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