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The ChildLanka Organisation  (C.L.O.) was formed to help the children’s Education of impoverished families, from the rural area’s of Monaragala,Anuradhapura and Mahiyangana. Presently, the sponsor’s of 65 children contribute a sum of 5.00 Pounds per month, to these children of age 13 to17 years. They receive a sum of Rs.1000directly into their Bank Pass Books, through C.L.O. Coordinator, supervised by their schools headmasters (35-schools)

The 65 children thanked their respective sponsors’ by writing letters stating
how they spent the money, news about their family etc.

Childlanka Organisation from its inception (March 2007) had been raising funds
through activities such as Dinner Dances, Coffee Evenings, etc. & also helped charitable events.

Below is a summary of Child lanka’s contributions to it’s beneficiaries in Sri lanka over the years.

Year 2008 – Dry rations for flood victims of Sri Lanka (Rs.30,000)

Year 2008 – Rebuild the house of a sponsored child destroyed by fire (Rs.50,000)

Year 2009 -  Computers were sent to Vocational Training Center in Monaragala.

Year 2009 -  A fund of £ 1750 was collected at our annual Spring Dinner Dance 2009 for the children of deceased soldiers in Sri Lanka.

Year 2011 – Ampara,Badulla,flood victims of Sri Lanka (Rs.100,000)

Year 2012 – Build a library and Computer Training Centre in Mahiyangana.

Ongoing since 2007. .Each month Rs.65000for sponsor children

You can also participate in our fight to help a better future for disadvantage children in Sri lanka using any of the following methods:

1. Joining as a member £ 5.00 per year

2. Participating in Fund Raising Events

3. Sponsoring a child for £ 5.00 per month

We have gained very good response from all our devoted members, sponsors and the public for the upkeep of our service of C.L.O.

Should there be any possibility in contributing a small donation towards a worthy cause whatever the gift, large or small we greatly appreciate.


Why should you help

Consider some of the facts about these children…

  • They come from some of the remotest villages in Sri Lanka.
  • One of the highest numbers of school drop-outs in Sri Lanka and Lowest literacy rate in the country.
  • Most of the children stop school or to look after the young while the parents are away in the fields.
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How can you help?

By donating as little as £5 per month to brighten up the future of a poor child, through Child Lanka Organisation.

You can donate directly from our website using the secured payment methods below:

Simple choose whether you like to donate monthly or as a one off donation by clicking on the buttons below and choose the amount to donate.

The monthly option will debit your credit card for the chosen amount on monthly basis until you cancel your subscription by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ button below at any time.

If you’re unable to commit to a monthly donation amount, you can donate one off amount using the ‘Donate’ button below.

Click the button below to donate the selected amount above on monthly basis.

Monthly Donation Options

Click the button below to cancel your monthly subscription at anytime.

How can you sponsor a child?

If you do not want to pay online, you can donate by completing out donation form and posting it to us.

It’s easy! Just fill the Donation form by clicking here. Post or email us the completed form.

This gives Child lanka Organisation the authority to debit £5 each month from your Bank account.

We will select a needy child for your kind donation and start a program from the very next month.

If you wish to discontinue your sponsorship at any moment. Please contact CHILD LANKA. ORGANISATION.

Your generosity, even in a small way, will bring hope to these innocent lives…

What is ‘Child Lanka Organisation’?

Child Lanka is an Organization formed by a group of patriotic Sri Lankans living in UK, who helps children from
poor families in rural Sri Lanka to gain a secondary education.

What are the other activities of the Organisation

Annual get together, Coffee Evenings, Dinner Dances raffle draws… in short, fund raising activities for the above cause!

How are the children selected?

They are selected by a committee comprising of Principals, village priests, Gramasevakas (village heads), and
a co-ordinator who works for Child Lanka. The selections are made from children of low-income families,
who had done well in their year-5 scholarship exams, but failed to get selected for a government scholarship.

How is the money sent to a child?

An account is opened in the name of the child, and Child Lanka debits a sum of Rs.1000 every month.

How long does the child receive financial assistance?

From grade 6 to A/Level class. The progress of the child and how the funds are utilised is closely monitored by the committee.

Can a donor keep contact with the sponsored child?

Due to legal restraints Child Lanka would withhold details of children. However a progress report is sent to the donors.

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