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Monaragala Project

Monaragala is one of the most under-developed districts in Sri Lanka, where the most number of malnourished children live, and the per-capita income and the literacy rate is the lowest in the whole island, and making matters worse, it also has the highest number of school drop-outs in the country. Surprisingly, there are children who cope up with all this obstacles and come to school, hungry for knowledge and education. It is heartening to know that a group of patriotic Sri Lankans, living in U.K. have got together and initiated a project to offer a helping hand to some of these needy children.

Namely, it is CHILD LANKA ORGANISATION. It has succeeded, up to now, in awarding 33 scholarships to selected school children, worth Rs.1000 a month, from year 6 up to A/L classes. The selection of children for this program is done by a committee comprising of the principles, Gramasevakas (village heads), village priest and a representative of Child Lanka. They closely monitor the progress of the children and financial status of the family to decide on continuation of the grant.

Here in U.K. CHILD LANKA, organises Dinners, Coffee Evenings and other social events to raise funds, solely for the above cause. Apart from this, a great number of kindhearted people have come forward to sponsor children through out their school carrier.

You also could be a part of this worthy cause by donating as little as £5.00 each month to one of the children of mother Lanka, to carry on their education and become learned members of the society and make a name not only in Sri Lanka but in the whole world. Please contact for more information.

The location of Monaragala in Sri lanka is marked with the Letter A in a Red marker above.

Below are the Photos from the Monaragala Project.

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