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Building a Tube Well in Badulla

Building a Tube Well in Badulla (Blind, Deaf & Dumb School)

The ChildLanka organisation is under taking a new project to enrich the lives of special needs children at  sudarshi special education centre in Badulla. The new project will be to build a tube well at this centre.

Having access to safe, clean water and adequate sanitation are the most basic of human needs. Which we hope the building of the tube well will fulfil we intend to approach friends and well wishes to build up the capital needed to get these project off the ground.

The estimated costs are RS 500,000.

I take this opportunity to ask kindly for  your help to raise this necessary fund to build the tube well. In doing so we can contribute to making the lives of the children at the Sudarshi special need centre in Badulla a better one. Please rely this massage to your friends and relations so that they could contribute in which ever way they can.

Pls visit our Child Lanka web site.

if you wish to donate in cheque please draw your remittance in favour of the child lanka A/C12135787  Sort Code 404508

Bank H.S.B.C. BANK P.O Box41-28
High Street

Sri-Lanka Commercial Bank Sri-Lanka Negombo
Child Lanka A/N 1130042842

Thanking you

This is the location where the tube well is going to be build.

DSC02883 DSC02880 DSC02878 DSC02877 DSC02875

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