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Flood Relief Fundraising Event 2011

The floods ! of Srilanka, which made many families homeless, roads impassable the crops a failure, the farms a dream, some were even unfortunate enough to lose their dear lives and lives of the loved ones. The groans and moans of the victims were heard as far as 6000 miles which resulted in this focused and timely dedication by the Childlanka members.

It was a gloomy, chilly, wet , Sunday. There was no indication of a bright day, however the patriotic members and the well wishes  of Childlanka, gathered at an unoccupied premises of a friend to prepare for a fund raising event. The empty rooms of the premises were soon transformed into a proper food stall with  tables and chairs. Illustrated posters and menu cards adorning the magnolia walls. The heat of the burners and the steaming kettle, the sizzling wade pan not only gave warmth to the room but to the hearts of all present. Soon the people who were waiting outside for their favourite Srilankan food, were treated with crispy hopper, appetizing string hopper and spicy wade/rolls/cutlet menu, for a very reasonable price. The members who served were very polite and cordial and acted very professionally. The customers were accommodating too ignoring an occasional delay for their orders. The tills began to tinkle with coins first, which changed into notes. By 6.30 in the evening, the pots/trays were emptying, but the collection was swelling. The customers parted with a satisfying look, not only because their hunger was satisfied but also because that they were able to contribute to a very worthy cause!

All this was possible due to the dedication and the organizing ability of the president Mrs Priya Siriwardene. The members and the well wishes of the organisation, supported the president in numerous ways to make this event a success.   Mrs Siriwardene and the members wishes to thank all those who supported and contributed to this humble but magnanimous event.

The total collection will be directly handed over to Ven Chandrajothi of London Buddhist Vihara, who is already in Srilanka, attending to Flood relief work especially in the Ampara District. The day did end as a bright day. !

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