Child lanka Child lanka Annual General Meeting 2012

Annual Genaral Meeting 2012

Child lanka Annual General meeting 2012

Child lanka Annual General meeting 2012

The Minutes of the AGM of CHILDLANKA on the 7th October 2012 at Gamboge restaurant Uxbridge,UK

  • The meeting commenced at 11.35 am when Mrs .Lakshmi Perera greeted the members
  • The minutes of the last AGM was read by Mrs .Lakshmi Perera i and invited the President and the other office bearers to take chairs in the forum
  • The treasurer’s report was produced by theMr. Kumar Samarasingha- The president Mrs Priya Siriwardana took the chair, welcomed the members, explained the mission of Childlanka in detail, thanked the sponsors, also explained the accounts.
  • Mr Mahilal Kottegoda welcomed the new members- Ms H A D Kusum, Ms Indu de Silva, Mr Gamini Kulasena, Mrs Manel Kulasena and  Mr Kumar Samarasingha, He also mentioned that our present treasurer Mr Udaya Jagodage has asked for 10 months leave from the association as he has other heavy commitments, Mahilal thanked Udaya for the servicers rendered so far and wished he returned after the said period.
  • Mrs Priya Siriwardana gave some information about the sponsored children and thanked all those who helped to make their lives a better .Thanked Mahilal for the solidarity rendered to the association from the very inception of Childlanka, Thanked Swinnetha and Troy for their support throughout the years ., and also thanked Leela for the support and encouragement offered at all times.Priya also described about the completed library project.
  • Kumar Senananyake was elected as the new treasurer, proposed by Lakshmi and seconded by Troy. Gamini Kulasena and Troy Anthony were elected as Fund raising coordinators proposed by Mahilal and seconded by Swinnetha. New trustees were appointed to replace Gershi and Dharshi, Kumar as the treasurer ,Gamini, Indu,Troy and Lakshmi will be new trustees
  • The next project for the children were discussed, among the suggestions brought, to set up a special educational needs centre was accepted as a suitable next project for Childlanka.
  • A possibility of having Sinhala New Year celebrations in this area was discussed
  • Gamini volunteered to give his premises (garage and garden) to hold a garage sale in December. This was accepted and the date was fixed for the 9th December from 11am to 5pm.
  • Mrs Priya Siriwardana allocated various members for the organisation of the dance which is to be held on the 1st December 2012.
  • Forthcoming events for the year discussed. Annual Dane to be held at the Kingsbury temple.

The meeting adjourned at 1pm followed by a lunch at the restaurant. Office bearers for the year 2011-20 12

President.  Mrs. Priya Siriwardena

Vice Presidents :-Mrs Singi Weerasekera

Genaral Secretaries   :-    Mr M.B Kottegoda

First Secretary     :-  Mrs Lakshmi Perera

Treasurer          :-    Mr.Kumar Samarasingha

Asst. Treasurer    :-  Mrs  Suneetha Anthony

Legal Adviser       :-  Mr Sam Samarasingha

Events sub committee:- Mr Gamini Kulase, Mr Troy Anthony

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