Child lanka Annual Dana Ceremony 2012

Annual Dana Ceremony 2012

A Buddhist Dana ceremony represents an important auspicious event in the Srilankan Buddhist culture. Specially, the main objective of the Buddhist Dana ceremony organised by the Child Lanka organisation was to, bless everyone who supports Child Lanka and it’s invaluable humanitarian services to the helpless children in Sri lanka and to rekindle the human spirits of the organisation to strengthen it’s services in 2012.

The food offerings were received by Six Buddhist Monks at the London Buddhist vihara on Sunday the 18th of March 2012. The ceremony started with reciting the five precipts and offering the food to the buddha, then the food offering to the Monks followed by a pirith chanting and short speeches by the Head  Monk of London Buddhist Vihara and a specially articulated speech by a special guest Monk Rev Dr Sumana Siri. Rev Sumana Siri’s sermon highlighted the that fact that Last Sunday was also celebrated as the Mother’s day by many in the UK and that as Buddhists we treat our parents as the Buddhas at our homes. Because The thatahgatha Buddha has taught us that every parent has four greatest qualities that identify them as a Loving mother or a father. They were, metta (goodwill, loving-kindness), karuna (compassion), mudita (appreciative joy), and upekkha (equanimity).

With this lovely reminder of the Mother’s day the official dana ceremony came to a close. All participants were offered free food and refreshments there after.

The president Mrs Priya Siriwardhena and Child Lanka organisation wishes all of it’s participants and supports sincere gratitude and appreciations all their contributions to our great cause. May you all continue to strengthen our efforts in the challenging humanitarian projects we embark on 2012 and beyond.

Thank you, Childlanka committee.

Below are some photos of the Dana event.

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